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AP Said,
March 29th, 2010 @9:48 pm  

Very very dissappointed with this helmet.. problems since i bought it 2 months ago, visor settings and also lets in to much wind.. Very pissed off and now got to arrange to get this sorted for the second time…

R1raven2 Said,
July 26th, 2010 @3:52 pm  

This helmet is amazing! Very light and channels air very well. The artist heritage behind the design is breathe tracking.

Ap- don’t knock the helmet based off something it wasn’t truly deigned for in the first place. It’s loud because it’s primary purpose is to cool your head under extreme conditions. If you want a quiet and comfort designed helmet. Don’t buy a GP inspired helmet next time! Leave the negative comments to yourself. Appreciate good work. Enough said…

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