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Haggiz Said,
April 4th, 2011 @2:47 pm  

Okay, Rossi was pushing hard, and i was worried that he might push just a little to hard in his desperation to get in to a podium position.
He made a mistake, taking himself and Stoner down, but he obviously didnt want that, it was tough conditions and they caught out all but a few.
However, for Stoner to have reacted the way that he did to Rossi’s apology was just unacceptable. What a sniveling little idiot to say to Rossi that his “ambition outweighed his talent”. Stoner is good, no two doubts about it, but that kid needs to grow up and be a man. Accept victory and defeat, and everything inbetween in a gracious and professional manner. He should take a lesson from Spies.

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